How’s it Going?

Have you ever felt bored with life? Uninspired? Like you’re asleep at the wheel?

So have I. So has everybody.

It’s easy to get stuck in your habits. Checking your tweets and emails before you get your socks on. Scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat on the toilet. Listening to podcasts in the shower and watching Youtube on the daily commute.

As you read this blog, you’ll learn how to drop your bad habits like your stage-5 clinger ex-boyfriend, the one who DM’d you from the kitchen while you were in the bathroom. Through a series of simple, easy-to-complete daily activities you’ll learn how to win the morning, enjoy yourself, and slowly take back your life from the databomb that is the internet and the clusterf*#k that is your everyday.

Just like life, this creative planner is a work in progress not a final product. If you comment and let me know how to improve, like which days are you struggling to get past?And, please, tell me how the quotes and activities have helped you take back your creativity, I’ll listen.


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