Day 3: Use your talent and DO NOT get greedy

Hesiod: It is best to work, at whatever you have a talent for doing, without turning your greedy thought toward what some other (wo)man possesses, but take care of your own livelihood, as I advise you.

This is a classic idea, literally and figuratively. Everyone has bitten off more than they could chew at some point. Hesiod, scribe of the ancient Greek epics, is telling us the obvious: stick with what you know. So what if your best friend’s wife’s cousin has ten million views on her beauty vlogs? If you’re a writer, use your time to write. If you’re a tennis player, practice your serve. If you’re a photographer, take more photos!

Practice makes perfect; Procrastination makes . . .

Daily Task:

Write 3 affirmations of your own identity and talents in your journal. Make them count, because you will be coming back to these affirmations, over and over and over and over, ad infinitum.

For example:

I, Evan Jordan, am a writer.

I am a funny, intelligent and creative thinker.

I have perseverance, self-motivation and dedication to my work.


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