Day 5: Realize your fears and set yourself free.

J.K Rowling: I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

This simple idea is more powerful than any of us can imagine without putting it into context. So many artists and wanna be artists picture only the results of success, the author who has made a brand worth billions, the Oscar-winning actor who smiles out from billboards or the visual artist with a solo show at MOMA or LACMA. But we fail to realize that success is the direct result of freedom from a fear of failure.

Is your greatest fear living out of a car (like J.K. Rowling)? Is it working a minimum wage job twenty hours a week? Are you afraid of your student debt? Or a rejection letter?

The next step is reassessing those fears. Are they irrational?

Do you simultaneously fear losing your home and dream of living in a Volkswagon van, like those hipsters on Instagram? Could a job at Starbucks actually be a gift? When I worked in a cafe, I had twenty hour weeks,  zero responsibility the second I walked out the door, and was able to finish multiple scripts and travel to Mexico for months at time.

Student debt holding you back? This an irrational, baseless fears. 70% of Americans graduate with debt. Stop thinking about the grand total, start focusing on the monthly payemnts.

Rejection letters? Kerouac couldn’t get On The Road published for seven years after it was written.


Write down a list of your 5 worse fears. Make them concrete. Now think of the worst case scenario if your fears came to pass. Time to take the hot air out of your greatest fears and free your mind to its natural creativity.


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