Day 6: Stop wandering in circles.

David Foster Wallace: We’re able to to describe the attempt to track our wandering in circles in a way that perhaps somebody else can’t identify with. I don’t think writers are any smarter than other people. I think they may be more compelling in their stupidity, or in their confusion.

It’s time to start putting your goals in order. This is known as prioritizing. It’s a very important step along your path to creative freedom and productivity. The confusion ends here.

Have you always dreamed of being a novelist, but there’s a part of you that remembers dancing as a child and thinks, I could be a writer and a dancer? And then that other part of you that thinks: what if I made a web series about writing about dancing? And then you think, man, podcasts are so hot right now. What if I need a podcast to build my personal brand? So, you sit down and START WRITING a script (which you now plan on recording audio visual for podcast/Youtube), but wait, you are exactly back where you started. This is circumlocutory thinking, which is pernicious and dangerous to creativity because it equates to indecision. Just another big word for procrastination. And you’re done killing time.

THE DREAM starts now. It’s time to make your website. It’s time to add a subscription for a newsletter to your fan page. It’s time to contact freelance editors for the manuscript in your drawer. It’s time to start sending your head shots to agents in London and LA.

Daily task:

Go back to your dream. THE CREATIVE DREAM. Now list the 3 most important simple tasks that you will accomplish to get closer to achieving that creative dream. Begin and complete the first task right now.


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