Day 13: Books are social media

Lydia Netzer: A book is a conversation between an author and a reader. Books are social media, and the most intense connection I can get with another person is having that person read my novels. So everything else – Twitter, Facebook, and the rest – is fun. A little facile, a little commercial, and artificial, perhaps. The book is where the real communication is, and I think all writers and readers know that.

TRUTH! Today is a day of hard truths. Be honest with yourself: did you sign a contract with yourself promising to not brainfizzle your days away on SM and completely renege in days?

Be honest, but don’t blame yourself. You are just one person and the apps, which suck us into the rabbit hole every single day, are multi-million dollars codes and algorithms devised and personalized by the best and brightest in Silicon Valley and around the world. They are meant to lure us in, distract us and sell us our own idea of THE GOOD LIFE, whatever that is for you: Telemark skiing, French culinary school, macchiatos in Portland, sun in Santa Monica.

Remember: You control how you prioritize your time, through the daily actions you choose.

Daily task:

Write out a list of ten brainfizzle moments from the last week, or day, or hour. Did you start to search-up the meaning of ‘bivouac’ and end up in a rabbit hole of designer handbags? Did you open your inbox to check for an email from your boss and click your way into daily vlogs? Write down your actions, so you can acknowledge and assess how you are choosing to employ your time.


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