Day 14: Paradise will be a kind of library.

Jorge Luis Borges: I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.

Smile. Rub your palms together and feel success. Cross your legs and say an Ommmmm. It’s the end of the second week and you’re already a more creative, bold and inspired producer.

I love this quote. It makes me smile and grin and imagine an interstellar library floating in outer space among the constellations. Jorge Luis Borges has been an inspiration and influence on my life and writing: I have haunted the labyrinth stacks of many libraries throughout my collegiate and adult life and I know that his spirit is always there with me.

Also, a more literal analysis of this quote, yields something incredible, zen-like and beautiful. Borges worked as a librarian throughout his life and, at 55 years old in the same year his blindness became complete, he became Director of The National Public Library of Argentina. In other words, even as he lost the ability to read himself, he realized his dream. So, his idea of paradise was a kind of reality.

Daily task:

Check-in with THE DREAM. Close your eyes and picture yourself living the dream. That it soak up your thoughts until you can see yourself living this dream, enacting your own paradise. Now, write a description of your kind of paradise, in a hundred words or a thousand.


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