Day 15: Don’t let fatigue make a coward of you.

Steve Prefontaine: Don’t let fatigue make a coward of you.

Prefontaine was a long-distance runner, and his quote is meant to inspire you to work through the doubt and the growing pains that you’re surely experiencing — every rebirth necessitates a death and the labour of delivery.

Today is the first day of your third week in the process of learning to open up to your inner creativity and start living your dreams and enacting your abilities. It is a day to get down to work again, to batten the hatches against the storm of criticism and all the haters. Think of it this way: if they’re hating on you, (if your own inner critic is self-hating) it must be because you actually accomplishing goals, no matter how small.

The creative person makes progress through hard work, perseverance and dedication. The critic (including the one inside your doubtful conscience) has got nothing but free time to be envious and jealous. Everyone of us will hit a wall, most of us hit a wall every morning, hit another wall at our first coffee break and hit another wall after lunch when we crash into a food coma.

Work through your fatigue! Nothing gets done in a day.

Daily task:

Sit down before bed tonight and make a list of 5 30-minute tasks you have accomplished in the last two weeks and five task you WILL accomplish this week.


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